Sonja Rainey Design
Bad Penny
Pictured: Smaranda CiceuBad Penny
Pictured: Mark Sheibmeir and Smaranda CiceuBad Penny
Pictured Kate Dubuys and Mark SheibmeirBad Penny
Pictured Shaun Patrick Tubbs and ChorusBad Penny
Pictured: Smaranda Ciceu and Mark SheibmeirBad Penny
Bad Penny
Bad Penny by Mac Wellman

Location: The Blanton Museum of Art

Directed by Luke Leonard
Co-Design: Sonja Rainey & Alison Heryer
Manager of Public Programs: Brian Whisenhunt

Ben Schave, Kate Dubuys, Mark Sheibmeir, Shaun Patrick Tubbs, Smaranda Ciceu,Tom Truss and Chorus.